Town planning has gained a lot of importance today. New towns are being developed. It has become very important for the town planners to concentrate on old development as well as the new development. It is essential that old and new development are linked properly. Energy efficiency in planning should be the goal of any town planner, urban designer or an architect. The aims of town planning are as follows.

1. To correct the past errors as far as possible.

2. To provide civic aesthetics of the town.

3. To attempt an orderly appropriate and balanced

    arrangements of land use.

4. To develop healthy, attractive and efficient 

    environment in the city.

5. To promote a high level of culture.

6. To create and maintain an attractive central core

    and make it the cultural, financial, commercial and

    entertainment centre.

7. To provide an interrelated balanced transportation

    system adequate to meet the needs of everyone in

    the urban community.

8. To encourage the attraction, retention and

    expansion of a sufficient number and variety of

    industries and business activities to provide jobs

    to the people and to get more income to


9. To create a sense of dignity, identity, pride and

    responsibility in the social environment.

10. To suggest the schemes which will control the

      future growth and development of the city.