Town Planning Services

Let our team at Schalk Botes Town Planners help you develop a winning strategy with our Specialized Town Planning Services. By employing knowledgeable and competent staff we strive to identify, serve and satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients in both public and private sectors. Town Planning is a dynamic profession that strives to improve the well-being of people and their related communities by creating comfortable, equal, healthy, effective and attractive living environments for current and future generations.

Our Services Include:


Township establishment is the conversion of land into residential, commercial or industrial properties. This time-consuming, intensive process requires the involvement of numerous specialists and professionals including township and urban development planners. Time is money and therefore it’s imperative for developers to work with a professional team of township planners that offer a diverse set of services.


Rezoning is the process of amending town planning scheme conditions pertaining to a particular property. This occurs when the classification assigned for the use of land is amended for it to be used for another purpose. A good example is rezoning a piece of land which is zoned for residential use into one with business rights.


Subdivision of land means exactly what it sounds like – the division of a single portion of land into several smaller ones. Consolidation, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It is used to improve rural infrastructure and to implement developmental and environmental policies improving environmental sustainability and agriculture.