Town Planners

Expert Town Planning Consultants

Schalk Botes Town Planners, are independent town planning consultants and development consultancy offering specialist advice to landowners, developers and communities.

We are specialists in all areas of town planning and property consultancy including residential, commercial, industrial and retail planning, and more.

Schalk Botes Town Planners CC implements computer aided design on Autocad and is registered with the electronic services provided by the Registrar of Deeds, Surveyor General and GIS Department of the City of Johannesburg.

Our firm of town planners operates in association with professionals related to development of land such as:

  • Land surveyors

  • Architects
  • Civil- and Electrical engineers
  • Geo-technical engineers
  • Traffic engineers
  • Environmental practitioners
  • Conveyances

We Also Offer The Following Town Planner Services:

  • REZONING: The process of amending the existing rights on a property by changing the zoning or specific development controls such as coverage and floor area ratio.
  • TOWNSHIP ESTABLISHMENT: The process of turning farmland or agricultural holdings into township land with specific zonings and includes the layout of the township.
  • SUBDIVISION / DIVISION OF LAND: The process of dividing a single property, including erven in proclaimed townships and farm land into two or more portions.
  • CONSOLIDATION: The process of consolidating two or more properties into one property.
  • CONSENT USE: The procedure to obtain consent for uses allowed for on a property only with the Consent of the Council, i.e. second dwelling units (granny cottage), churches, creches, nursing schools, primary and secondary schools.
  • REMOVAL OF RESTRICTIVE CONDITIONS: The procedure to remove restrictive conditions from the Title Deed of a property, such as street building lines, restrictions on subdivision and more than one dwelling unit
  • FEASABILITY REPORTS: Compilation of reports on the zoning and development potential of land and include data such as zoning certificates, Surveyor General's diagrams, Title Deeds, servitudes, municipal services availability.

What Are Town Planning Services?

Town Planning Services is an independent planning consultancy that gives practical advice on the planning process. We take care to listen to our clients so we understand what they really want to achieve, and give them the help they need to get there.