Rezoning Services

About Our Rezoning Services

The comprehensive legislative framework and the need to obtain state and local government support can make the process of land rezoning complex. However, with our experience and understanding of this process, we are well positioned to represent you and align the opinions of these authoritative bodies.

What is Rezoning?

The process of amending the existing rights on a property by changing the zoning or specific development controls such as coverage and floor area ratio.
You need to apply to the local authority to re-zone or subdivide a property. Your application can take a number of years to be approved or declined. The documentation that the local authority requires you to submit is very complex and the fees that need to be paid to the local authority can be very expensive. It is therefore advisable to seek the assistance of an attorney or preferably a town planner or the local authority.
You can stipulate in your Offer to Purchase that the offer is subject to the local authority's approval of the re-zoning or subdivision or the consent to use the property in a certain way, i.e. getting business rights over a residential property.

Our Land Rezoning Services Will Include:

  • Provide an up-front appraisal of your chances of being successful.
  • Recommend a strategic approach to enhance your chances of gaining approval.
  • Liaison with all stakeholders involved to gain the buy-in needed to progress your application.
  • Preparation of a detailed planning submission in support of your case.
  • Assist in the appointment of the sub-consultants required during the process.
  • Co-ordinate your rezoning application.

When would rezoning be necessary?

Rezoning your land may be necessary for two situations: you wish to develop your land, without subdividing, in a way that is not allowable under your current zone; or you wish to subdivide the land into parcels used for a different purpose. Therefore in many cases, a rezoning application may be accompanied by a subdivision or development permit application.