Property Subdivision

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The process of dividing a single property, including even in proclaimed townships and farmland into two or more portions.

About Our Property Subdivision Services:

If you have a garden, it could be worth quite a bit more to you than its value as just a green and pleasant open space. Property sub-division is an emerging new trend amongst home-owners and, given its potential benefits of yielding increased income or wealth, this isn't surprising.

The subdivision of land, where one property is divided into two or more portions, is often something that owners consider in order to benefit financially from selling off these divided portions, or perhaps building additional houses on each portion and selling these off at a profit. There are also many other reasons to subdivide a property that may come into play, such as dividing a property and selling a portion to a developer for town planning purposes.

Regardless of the reason, the appropriate steps need to be followed and relevant legislation complied with in order to affect a property subdivision. This is where our expert Property Subdivision services is here to assist you.

Why Subdivide Your Property?

  • Get 2 properties for the price of one

  • Transfer a separate property to each of your children to provide security and keep the family close to you

  • Build houses on each subdivision and rent them out to subsidize retirement living expenses

Our Services Include:

  • Rezoning

  • Township Establishment

  • Property Subdivision / Division of land
  • Consolidation
  • Consent Use
  • Removal of Restrictive Conditions
  • Feasibility Reports