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Land use consultancy and town planning

Land use means the purpose to which the land cover is committed. Some land uses, such as agriculture, have a characteristic land cover pattern. These usually appear in land cover classifications. Other land uses, such as nature conservation, are not readily discriminated by a characteristic land cover pattern. For example, where the land cover is woodland, the land use may be timber production, grazing or nature conservation.

Land management practice means the approach taken to achieve a land use outcome - the 'how' of land use (eg cultivation practices, such as minimum tillage and direct drilling). Some land management practices, such as stubble disposal practices and tillage rotation systems, may be discriminated by characteristic land cover patterns and linked to particular issues.

Zoning is related to land use but is how governments regulate and control it. Zoning is getting permission to build houses, businesses or factories. Cities take control of this kind of thing to make their cities more pleasant to live in, to control pollution, protect the environment, and create efficient transport links.

There are 6 main types of land use the types include recreational, transport, agricultural, residential, and commercial.


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Future Development

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